Salvation Poem

I’ve been watching Superbook with my son lately. We love watching about Jesus and the lives of God’s people.

Today I found Salvation Poem, which is Superbook’s ending song, in 39 languages! I only know three languages: Thai, English and French. How about you? Hope you like this song too.

God bless ♥️


The Conversation of Pilgrims

I was born and raised Buddhist,

Working my way only to coexist,

And everything I did never saved me,

For all sins lead to death, you see?

Where does sin come from you ask?

Our sinful thought is already dark.

So well then, what shall we do?

I say to you I know who.

Who can save us from this cycle?

The vicious cycle that leads to hell.

Jesus is the way I say to you.

He will save us from heading the blues.

Yes, the Good News tells us this,

Those who believe in Him will exist.

His way will lead us to heaven,

To love God and others we learn,

The Holy Spirit is working in us,

Let’s be thinking, saying, doing things fabulous,

Yes, though the gate is narrow,

But we won’t be heading to sorrow.


Gone, Your fallen star

My God, my God… gone Your fallen star,
One life of a sinner You made holy,
By Your grace You helped him walk this far,
Now he’s gone as Your fallen star.

When I think back about my life,
What have I done since I’ve been saved?
Each day living, breathing like a novice,
Looking ahead, everyday is closer to the grave,
Will I ever be like Your fallen star?

Every breathe You give me, I thank you,
I put my trust in You, my Hope,
You are the One who I call for rescue,
Please take my hand til the end of my rope,
Take me with You like the gone fallen stars.

This poem is dedicated to R.C Sproul and other God’s fallen ones.

Film, Life, Video

Let’s Make a Stand


You may already know by now that I like to watch stuff on YouTube. I recently stumbled on a video called Decoding The Book of Revelation. And I was like… Hmm, interesting! Revelation is one of my favourite books in the Bible.

After watching it I was thinking, geez the Christians in the early days were so bold and brave; they wouldn’t deny Jesus even when they were facing death. Would I be able to stand firm if my faith in Christ is being tested? The monkeys in my brains jumped frantically before I nodded my head.

Jesus said this:

“I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”
Revelation 3:15‭-‬16 NLT

Dear readers, let’s make a stand today whether hot or cold. I personally think that I don’t have anything to lose. For I’d rather spend my life with God in heaven than the eternity in hell! Jesus was having you and me in His mind when he was tortured and then crucified on the Cross. He bored all our sins and shame because He loved us so much. Yes, that was fierce. Yes, that was bold and brave. He chose to be with us, now it is time to choose Him.

I’ve made up my mind. ❤


Lessons from my little man


G’ day!

It’s been so long since I last posted a blog. Do I miss it? Nay… I’ve been too busy looking after my bub.

But I recently have been so compelled to write a small blog. It’s something about God… My big God.

I think God has a sense of humour when it comes to teaching a lesson. Sometimes He would teach me stuff through my baby. Can you imagine learning stuff from a baby?

These are a few things my little man taught me about God.

1. God is a provider
You may have heard this many times that God is a provider. I have too. But I didn’t get it until I had a baby. It is incredible how before God created people, He created earth and animals first. So His people had a place to live and food to eat. Now thinking back, I found myself running back and forth preparing things before my baby’s arrival. This is only an act of a mere (wo)man. How much do you think God would do for you?

2. God doesn’t see my flaws
Many times I said to myself that I wish I could be a better mum or simply a better person. But when I look at my son and he looks back at me and I’m like, “How can you look at me with those loving eyes like that?” He doesn’t care if I don’t comb my hair or sometimes I even smell like onions. He looks past that and it’s all good! Yes, God’s love is like that too, I kid you not. He loves us though we are sinners. He blesses us though we think we don’t deserve any. God looks past all the flaws.

3. God has never been too far
Every time my baby cried I would say, “I’m here little bub, I’m not far away.” I think God is like that to us too when it comes to a close relationship. Every time we think we are in trouble or scared, God has never been too far. He is just a prayer a way.

You see, God is really funny. He taught me a few things through my baby. 🙂


Childhood Memories


On a rainy day. I sit down on the couch with a cup of tea…

Me: Hey babe, I remember there were some Christians who came to my primary school when I was a kid.

Hubby: Really? What did they do there?

Me: Well, they gave us these little and colouful booklets that talked about Jesus who healed sick people even children.

Hubby: And?

Me: I didn’t think that Jesus was real and there was God. But I liked to flip through pages though. The booklets were nice and those Christians smiled all the time.

Hubby: When I was younger, I met this Christian woman on the plane. She asked me about the book I was reading.

Me: What was it?

Hubby: No Gods, No Masters.

Me: Hard to read?

Hubby: Yep!

Me: Then what happened?

Hubby: Then she kept talking about this Jesus thing, a tree being planted by the river. I was only half listening.

Me: That didn’t make you believe in God, eh?

Hubby: Nope, not until I met you!

Me: Yeah, I met God again many years later, like in my late teenage years.

My classmate mentioned about his Christian upbringing. We hung out a lot and one day I visited his Youth Group. Then he asked me if I wanted to visit his church on Sunday, and I agreed.

That was when I met God; I cried so much when I saw a pastor laying his hand on sick people. It brought back some memories from the booklets I read as a child. I was overwhelmed that day.

Since then I was so wondering what the church was and if God was real so I kept going to my classmate’s church until I moved away.

Then one day my dad was having a triple bypass surgery. The doc said he had only less than 10% chance to live. We were told to be prepared for the loss. I remembered how my classmate prayed so I prayed. That was the first time actually I cried out to God…God alone.

Then there was a miracle that my dad survived the surgery. So I kept praying every day for his recovery, and he did! I really thank God that He healed my dad. Even with the coma that he recently had.

I just hope and pray that my family will get saved too. God is so good and He is real. Now I think that we both had heard about God in our early years and we didn’t accept Him.

Hubby: No baby, we didn’t. I took us years. I remember, I prayed for my dad when I was 14 while he was in a surgery after he fell on a glacier, then into a hole of ice. I wasn’t even brought up in a Christian family. But I didn’t know what else to do. So I asked God if He was real, and pleaded Him to save my dad. And my dad survived!

Me: And you still didn’t believe in God back then?

Hubby: No, not until I met you! LoL.

Me: LoL. God is good, babe.  🙂