Most (re-titled The Bridge in some countries) is a short and beautiful Czech film. Made in 2003 and directed by Bobby Garabedian. Written and produced by American actor William Zabka. The music score was created by John Debney (Passion of the Christ).

This film reminds me of God’s love for all of us. I can watch it over and over just to remind myself what He’s done to save us. If you have not heard of or seen this film yet, feel free watch it here.

I hope you enjoy the film. ♡


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Music gives you wings


Music…to me is like an energy drink; I feel great after consuming it.

The Good Christian Music Blog is where I discover new bands and the taste of new sounds. It’s awesome how the GCMB provides so many genres of music. You can easily choose different kinds of tunes through their playlists. I usually select one and let it roll.

So far I’ve been into Electronica and Hip Hop lately. They are my favourite source of energy. Like after waking up in the morning, I’d turn on some beats that lift me up and I’ll be ready for the day. Christian music makes me feel like as if I have wings; I can stay high up all day and my heart is happy.

Here are 2 samples of Electronica that I really like. They are easy listening. Every time I put on my favourite headphone and sit on my sweet spot, I’d be gone into the space.

Below are Hip Hop samples. I hand picked the ones that ain’t so agressive. Just in case you cannot handle the beats so I choose the 2 songs that would rather soothe your ears. Hope you enjoy them and feel great afterwards.

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We are the remnants


We hear your voice calling us now
We follow your lead shaking the ground
For this is the time to gather
So let’s present our names, our flames.

We are, we are, we are
What we are called to be
We are, we are, we are
We are the remnants.

We will rise up and make some noise
We will sing and shout for joy
For You are the great I AM
Let us praise Your name, Your fame.

We are, we are, we are
What we are called to be
We are, we are, we are
We are the remnants.

Here we are with burning hearts
Here we are soaring high
For we are Your remnants.




How wide, how deep is your love?
Spoken words created earth as my home,
Then you fearfully made me, knitting me together,
Sweetness was your care that tasted like honeycomb,
Counting your warm smiles seemed to last forever,
Surely, your love is wider than the sea, deeper than the ocean.

How wide, how deep is your love?
Even when I was running wild deserting you,
You wholeheartedly stripped the earth looking for me,
It was so cold when the wind blew,
But you embraced me and let it be,
Surely, your love is wider than the sea, deeper than the ocean.

How wide, how deep is your love?
Wrong was me but you made things right,
There is no earthly tool that can measure,
For your love ends far beyond my sight,
Drowning is me as you say “My treasure”,
Surely, your love is wider than the sea, deeper than the ocean.


Love Your Neighbour


I’ve been pondering…

Jesus said that we must love God with all our heart, our soul and our mind, and also love others as ourselves. These are the greatest commandments for everything flows out of love.

To me, the first part is very easy to do because I know that God loves me and He is so good etc. It is the second part that I’ve been pondering about: loving my neighbour(s) as myself.

What if I:
● Self harm?
● Always think low of myself?
● Talk bad to myself?
● Don’t respect myself?
● Don’t take care of myself?
● Don’t accept myself?
● Don’t forgive myself?

Then loving others would be minimal. I think loving others is a reflection of loving myself. So if I am like what I have mentioned above, then I know I have some works to do.

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Extra! Extra!

I recently found an upbeat song by Lecrae which has been released this year. Man, it’s totally awesome!

This video reminds me of a poem that I wrote many months ago. My poem is about calling up all creative beings to rise up. Why did I write that? Well first of all, I believe everyone is creative; God’s put His creativity in us. It is like, like father like son thing, if you know what I mean. Secondly, I simply want to encourage people to fan up their passion and live life the fullest.

You know it is amazing how we are made so different; some of us are made to compose music and sing beautifully, while the others may be good at creating films, sculpting, painting and anything else. I believe that God has designed us for Himself and calling people back to Him (our Creator / Father) is our purpose.

Here is the poem: For The Time Is Now

When you hear some melody in your head,
Don’t be afraid,
Pick up a pen and write it down,
For the time is now.

When you see yourself move along the beats,
Don’t just imagine it,
Go on dance and make your Daddy proud,
For the time is now.

When you are drawn to colourful things,
Don’t skip the ideas that ring,
Grab a paintbrush and paint better than Picasso,
For the time is now.

When you find yourself pretending, miming, making noises,
Don’t stop that joy,
Get a camera and take a bow,
For the time is now.

O rise up all you creative ones!,
God has given you breath so you can touch (the others),
Go on spread like fire brighten up the world,
For the time is now.

Folks, if you are reading this know that you are so creative. What is it that triggers you or stirs you up? Do you like to build? Do you wanna dance along with the beats when you hear music? Do your fingers move along your air instrument when you hear some melody in your head? Do you like to sing with all your guts with or without people seeing you?

Let us fan up the fire in us…