Lessons from my little man


G’ day!

It’s been so long since I last posted a blog. Do I miss it? Nay… I’ve been too busy looking after my bub.

But I recently have been so compelled to write a small blog. It’s something about God… My big God.

I think God has a sense of humour when it comes to teaching a lesson. Sometimes He would teach me stuff through my baby. Can you imagine learning stuff from a baby?

These are a few things my little man taught me about God.

1. God is a provider
You may have heard this many times that God is a provider. I have too. But I didn’t get it until I had a baby. It is incredible how before God created people, He created earth and animals first. So His people had a place to live and food to eat. Now thinking back, I found myself running back and forth preparing things before my baby’s arrival. This is only an act of a mere (wo)man. How much do you think God would do for you?

2. God doesn’t see my flaws
Many times I said to myself that I wish I could be a better mum or simply a better person. But when I look at my son and he looks back at me and I’m like, “How can you look at me with those loving eyes like that?” He doesn’t care if I don’t comb my hair or sometimes I even smell like onions. He looks past that and it’s all good! Yes, God’s love is like that too, I kid you not. He loves us though we are sinners. He blesses us though we think we don’t deserve any. God looks past all the flaws.

3. God has never been too far
Every time my baby cried I would say, “I’m here little bub, I’m not far away.” I think God is like that to us too when it comes to a close relationship. Every time we think we are in trouble or scared, God has never been too far. He is just a prayer a way.

You see, God is really funny. He taught me a few things through my baby. 🙂