Childhood Memories


On a rainy day. I sit down on the couch with a cup of tea…

Me: Hey babe, I remember there were some Christians who came to my primary school when I was a kid.

Hubby: Really? What did they do there?

Me: Well, they gave us these little and colouful booklets that talked about Jesus who healed sick people even children.

Hubby: And?

Me: I didn’t think that Jesus was real and there was God. But I liked to flip through pages though. The booklets were nice and those Christians smiled all the time.

Hubby: When I was younger, I met this Christian woman on the plane. She asked me about the book I was reading.

Me: What was it?

Hubby: No Gods, No Masters.

Me: Hard to read?

Hubby: Yep!

Me: Then what happened?

Hubby: Then she kept talking about this Jesus thing, a tree being planted by the river. I was only half listening.

Me: That didn’t make you believe in God, eh?

Hubby: Nope, not until I met you!

Me: Yeah, I met God again many years later, like in my late teenage years.

My classmate mentioned about his Christian upbringing. We hung out a lot and one day I visited his Youth Group. Then he asked me if I wanted to visit his church on Sunday, and I agreed.

That was when I met God; I cried so much when I saw a pastor laying his hand on sick people. It brought back some memories from the booklets I read as a child. I was overwhelmed that day.

Since then I was so wondering what the church was and if God was real so I kept going to my classmate’s church until I moved away.

Then one day my dad was having a triple bypass surgery. The doc said he had only less than 10% chance to live. We were told to be prepared for the loss. I remembered how my classmate prayed so I prayed. That was the first time actually I cried out to God…God alone.

Then there was a miracle that my dad survived the surgery. So I kept praying every day for his recovery, and he did! I really thank God that He healed my dad. Even with the coma that he recently had.

I just hope and pray that my family will get saved too. God is so good and He is real. Now I think that we both had heard about God in our early years and we didn’t accept Him.

Hubby: No baby, we didn’t. I took us years. I remember, I prayed for my dad when I was 14 while he was in a surgery after he fell on a glacier, then into a hole of ice. I wasn’t even brought up in a Christian family. But I didn’t know what else to do. So I asked God if He was real, and pleaded Him to save my dad. And my dad survived!

Me: And you still didn’t believe in God back then?

Hubby: No, not until I met you! LoL.

Me: LoL. God is good, babe.  🙂